Jessica Lee, founder of Mysa Skincare

About Mysa

"My love for beauty started from a young age as is the case with most girls but this developed into a full fledged passion as I grew older. After starting my career as a hairdresser I realised I wanted to do more. This was the beginning of my beauty career and how I came to start Mysa.

Mysa is a Swedish word meaning a nice relaxing time. I felt this perfectly embodied the service I aim to provide to every client. I chose a Swedish word because the Swedes are famous for their relaxation techniques.

The Mysa skincare range has been launched because I believe there is a lack of natural oil based products within the beauty industry as a whole. After suffering with skin problems myself I feel a natural approach is always best.

Ultimately, I invest my heart and soul into the services and products I provide. This is visible in the care and attention I give to every customer who walks through the door or purchases my products."

Jessica Lee | Founder of Mysa Skincare