How I'm Keeping Myself Sane During Lockdown

How I'm Keeping Myself Sane During Lockdown

Hi everyone, hope everyone is keeping healthy and staying safe. I thought it was about time I started my blog again since it’s been over a year since I said I was going to update you all every Thursday!! Ahhh.

In these uncertain times with everyone being at home we have all had to adapt to change, Which is so scary as most people don't like change! I don't think it has been such a bad thing, I feel like to community spirit is better then ever and we are all closer today then ever. I feel like I have made my relationships stronger and made more of an effort to my speak to my friends and family. 

In everyday life we all get so cosumed in our own little bubbles, I know I defiantly do! Normally i always use the excuse 'if only I had a bit more time' well now for the next few weeks I have it, I’m doing all the things I want to do when I'm not at work. Personally I’m taking this time to better myself, learn more and plan for the future. I’ve also set myself up a little desk in the back room where I’ve been doing nails on stick on tips, almost everyday. Doing nails is my escaping place, where I tend to not think about anything else, where I can let my personality out. Doing that has been keeping me very busy! Learning lots of new techniques for when I get back to the salon! 

 I have connected with new people who I didn't even know before the lock down. I’ve made more business relationships and also made more connections with people I will be working with when this is all over. 

I really feel for everyone at this time, my heart goes out to everyone. I’m always here if anyone needs a chat! My phone is always on. 

Speak soon everyone. 


Jess Lee